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Iconic 100 – Auckland East 2021

Little Sicily – Calamari friti

Awarded by Matt Bauckham

On my second day of a job in Penrose I got a targeted ad on Instagram for Little Sicily. The pic was of a hot pork sandwich. With limited dining choices in Penrose I was instantly interested and went. It was amazing. Homemade buns, roared porchetta, salad and sauces that were perfect. The next day I bought a couple of friends but this time I added the calamari. And holy smokes it was good. Small crispy rings with deep fried capers and wedge of lemon and a couple sauces that were bellisimo! I’ve since asked what the sauces were and got told that they’ve researched garum, an ancient Roman condiment that was used on everything. It’s not just the sauces and the calamari or the rest of the amazing menu that stands out for this place – it’s the dedication, passion and love that comes with every dish, from Dave and Steve. It’s tucked away in a semi industrial area under a car garage. It doubles as a music rehearsal space so there’s always talented characters coming in and out who also sample the amazing food and set a creative atmosphere that is very welcoming. Little Sicily is my favourite restaurant. It’s not pretentious and extremely welcoming. And the seafood night on Thursday is hands down amazing. Go try it, you’ll love it, I promise you this.

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